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Cement adhesive

Suitable for interior and exterior floors and interior wall tiling with porcelain, stone, and marble tiles

Recommended for large and medium-sized tiles

For tiles larger than 30x30 cm, double adhesive is recommended.

Coverage: 4-8 kg/m²
Weight: 25 Kg



  • Applies to traditional plaster and cement mortar.
  • Surfaces must be completely resistant, level, and clean of dust, paint, and oil. Moisture content should not exceed 3%.
  • Allows for 30 minutes of adjustment for positioning and removing tiles.
  • Drying time: 24 hours for walls, 48 hours for floors.
  • Not suitable for pieces exceeding 40 kg/m².
  • Do not use in extreme temperatures (below 5°C or above 30°C).


  • Used for porcelain, stone, and marble.
  • For interior and exterior floors and walls.
  • High resistance to water and thermal shock.
  • High flexibility and expansion rate.
  • Compliant with European standards.
  • Strong adhesion.